Our partners


We partner with IBM to enhance our solutions and offerings with IBM’s industry leading Predictive and Advanced Analytics Platforms, Industry Solutions and leading edge technologies like Watson®. We deploy cloud-based Analytics solutions using IBM’s Softlayer Cloud Platform. We also provide value-added services using the IBM Platform.


We partner with SAS to enhance our solutions and offerings with SAS’ industry leading Predictive and Advanced Analytics Platforms, Industry Solutions and leading edge technologies like SAS Viya®. We also provide value-added services using the SAS Platform.


Precisely (Formerly Pitney Bowes) is a world-class provider of consumer, financial, demographic, geo-location and socio-economic data-sets that help enrich our advanced analytics models for business insights like Customer Segmentation, Cross-sell and up-sell, and many others. We also leverage Precisely platforms for Master Data Management, Customer-Data Cleansing and data integration

The Center for Health Affairs

The Center for Health Affairs, the nation’s first regional hospital association, has served as the collective voice of Northeast Ohio hospitals for more than 100 years. Together with its business affiliates, CHAMPS Group Purchasing and The Essentials Group, The Center continues the legacy of its founders, working collaboratively to increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery, providing insightful healthcare information to the public, and undertaking initiatives aimed at improving the health of the community.


We work with Oracle’s database, ERP and cloud technologies to architect and implement analytics solutions. We also provide support for Oracle E Business Suite, and development and implementation for Oracle Cloud offerings.


We use Streamsets for data ingestions, and to build Data Pipelines to the cloud.


We utilize Celebrus’ innovative platform for tracking individual-level web, mobile and social interactions of customers in order to enrich and enhance customer analytics models for marketing and customer service for our Clients in Banking, Financial Services and Retail. Celebrus’ powerful platform enables 1:1 personalization and marketing, which is key for driving digital innovation for B2C clients


By utilizing Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Text Analytics, we help improve and extend ServiceNow capabilities by providing advanced analytics including predicting customer-issue resolution times, best possible issue resolution and other ITSM models for improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.


Amsio provides support for SAS-based infrastructure, enabling our customers to focus on using their SAS software for business insights without having to worry about software and related infrastructure management.


PKSI is an H20.ai reseller. With strategic partnerships across the AI ecosystem, PKSI delivers AI results, enabling customers to stay ahead of their competitors.


We partner with Cisco as a member of its exclusive Digital Solutions Integrator program. Our Advanced Analytics solutions deliver optimised performance in conjunction with Cisco Enterprise Networking, Data Center and Security infrastructure, maximising the overall business value for our mutual customers.


Yellowfin’s innovative BI and dashboarding platform provide a powerful complement to our analytics solutions, in order to enable business users get effective insights quickly and cost-effectively.


HDS leverages our analytics solutions and services to provide business insights to their customers from Customer and HR Analytics to IoT solutions.


Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions provides software and technology platforms enabling the connected IoT world. The Arrow Connect® solution from Arrow provides us an integrated platform for providing complete IoT solutions to our customers for software through hardware infrastructure.

Healthcare Center of Excellence

The Healthcare Center of Excellence provides advanced analytics expertise and thought leadership to Healthcare provider institutions. We collaborate with HCOE to provide analytics solutions for healthcare customers.


Qlik’s class-leading visualizations and dashboarding provide a powerful complement to our analytics solutions, in order to enable business users get effective insights quickly and cost-effectively. We can also help you embed visualizations and dashboarding in your applications using Qlik.

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