Advanced Analytics

Our Analytics solutions and services utilise machine learning, predictive modelling, text, and social data mining to provide customer and operational insights.

Financial Services

We empower Financial firms including Retail and Commercial Banking, Insurance, and Wealth Management to harness the power of Advanced Analytics for addressing sales, marketing and operational needs.


Advanced Healthcare Analytics utilises machine learning, predictive modelling, text and social data mining to provide insights to improve patient experience and reduce costs.

Logistics & Transportation

Our solutions enable our clients to reduce driver churn, improve safety and compliance, and reduce costs by optimising and predicting asset maintenance.


By leveraging the power of Advanced Analytics, we help you target customers with 1:1 personalised messages, increase ROI on campaigns, and improve wallet-share.

Digital Experience

We help clients understand customer digital journeys in order to provide 1:1 targeted marketing, improved customer experience, and lower marketing and operational costs.