Analytics solutions created exclusively for you

Getting to know your business

Where do we even begin? That is the question the PKSI Assessment helps your company answer. Our consultation process revolves around you. Based on the nature of your business and the desired area of focus, we can help you understand how advanced techniques like AI and Analytics can be used to improve outcomes and processes in a specific area of interest. PKSI can help make sense of the data that your company already has with a Big Data & Analytics Strategy. Or maybe you are looking for new types of data to collect. Social Insight gives a fresh perspective into how your customers view your company. We can also help you understand what 3rd party data sources can help you drive better decisions.

Cloud storage is a necessity with the amount of information being collected these days. Allow us to help you with your Cloud Storage and Mobility Strategy to keep your data safe and easily accessible. Schedule a time to talk with our team so we can better learn your needs.

"Today’s customers are empowered. They want a true business partner that can add value to their business process. PKSI has been delighting enterprise organizations for over 20 years, providing choice, convenience, personalization and value. We don’t simply meet customer needs, we anticipate them."


PKSI data scientists, architects, and engineers work hard to custom develop your solutions. The team works in parallel gathering data, creating dashboards, data modeling, designing visualization tools or working to develop your data on one of our partner’s platforms. PKSI scoping experts make sure your solutions work accurately and implement smoothly into your environment.

"We partner with the industry bests to co-develop Analytic Solutions that encompass automated Dashboards, forecasting models, and Predictive Modelling to identify new business opportunities."

Data for Analytics All the answers with none of the hardware

Clients always ask us—”is our data ready for Analytics”? We help our customers by understanding data needs for your business problems and building the appropriate data repositories based on your needs. Modern data repositories take a variety of forms from Data Warehouses, to Data Marts and Lakes. Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises? We help you understand the best course of action. Whether you are taking the top down or bottom up approach to data warehousing our team is here to provide assistance. Our team will aggregate all the data from multiple sources in order to compare and analyze the data for more business insights.