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The Center for Health Affairs Partners with Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. (PKSI) to help hospitals reduce nurse turnover.

The Center for Health Affairs, the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, today announces a new partnership with Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (PKSI) to bring an innovative tool to hospitals aimed at helping them retain nurses, a critical element of their workforce.

Cygenex Partners with Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc. (PKSI) to Manage IT

Providing IT Solution Including Advanced Analytics, BI, Data Warehousing and Exploration and Cloud Services Cygenex Inc., a San Diego based company, is pleased to announce their partnership with Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (PKSI).

PKSI Wins the SAS Innovation Award for 2020!

01-Apr-2020 Cary, NC
Pegasus (PKSI) is a SAS Gold partner and an advanced analytics solution provider. With over 20 years’ experience delighting customers, PKSI formed a strategic partnership with SAS to help customers transform their employee data into HR insight and drive improved business outcomes.

Analytics Insight Magazine Announces ‘The 10 Most Innovative HR Analytics Solution Providers in 2019’

1-May-2019 09:37 AM EST
SAN JOSE, Calif. & HYDERABAD, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Analytics Insight Magazine, a brand of Stravium Intelligence has announced ‘The 10 Most Innovative HR Analytics Solutions Providers in 2019’ in its October issue.

Analytics Insight names ‘The 10 Most Innovative HR Analytics Solutions Providers in 2019’. The magazine recognises companies offering cutting-edge talent and people analytics solutions. Explore the full coverage

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. announces strategic relationship with SAS

29-Jul-2019 10:30 am
Human Resource (HR), PKSI, Advanced Analytics, People Analytics, Workforce Analytics, AI/ML, Cloud

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (PKSI), a leader in advanced analytics and digital transformation, today announced that it has become a SAS Managed Analytic Services Provider (MASP).


“The Center for Health Affairs innovation Showcase”

15 November 2023 07:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. CT

Hosted by
The Center for Health Affairs

“Webinar with SAS and The Center for Health Affairs”

26 April 2023 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT

Transforming complex data from in-depth analyses into detailed reports and recommendations is key to help and enable hospitals achieve continued growth.

Hosted by

“Midsize Banks and Credit Unions Level the Playing Field With AI and Advanced Analytics”

20 May 2021 10:45 am ET

Join Larry Hall, Director AI Solutions and Client Engagement, PKSI, Inc. at the SAS GLOBAL FORUM 2021.

Hosted by

Putting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Work in HR: Dealing with the challenges of COVID-19

July 9 – 11 a.m. ET

About the webinar
HR’s role in pandemic recovery will be based on agility and the pace at which HR leaders can make sound business decisions.

Hosted by

Unleash Analytics Making AI & Analytics Real

Sponsored by: Pegasus & SAS

October 16, 2019.
Chicago, Illinois

The Unleash Analytics Roadshow features two tracks. Choose between hands-on workshops for practitioners and case studies for analytics leaders.


September 16 – September 17, 2019.
Chicago, Illinois

“Discussing the Practical Intersection of Enterprise Finance and Advanced Technology”


September 15 – September 17, 2019.
Renaissance Schaumburg, Chicago

TDWI – PKSI & PB Webinar

September 4, 2019, 9AM PT/12PM ET

Putting the Intelligence in Your Company’s Approach to Artificial Intelligence: It starts with the data

 Fern Halper, VP of Research, TDWI

The Do’s and Don’ts of People Analytics

May 14, 2019, 2-3 p.m. ET

The most common question about people analytics is “Where do we start?”

Explore the do’s and don’ts with our expert guests from SAS and Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, who’ve helped hundreds of clients in Fortune 100 companies get started with people analytics.

Power Behind HR Analytics

October, 2018.
Schaumburg, Chicago

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Travel and Aviation

Consultants ranked firms on a scale of one to 10, based on prestige, firm culture, work-life balance, compensation, and other factors.

Financial Services

We are a dynamic niche consulting firm that has been helping visionary financial services brands convey their true essence.

Business Services

We have had to start competing on quality of life in a way that they never had to before — leading to higher ratings from consultants.

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Engage with consumers and inspire the media — we ensure brands are seen and heard in all the right places.

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We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

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The ConsultingWP firm scored highest for vacation policy, hours in the office, and overall satisfaction.

We deliver key insights to drive your business forward using data and AI.

To grow revenue while managing risk, smaller financial institutions today face increased competition from larger banks and lesser regulated Fintechs. Smaller institutions need increased digital outreach but are challenged by lack of digital resources and expertise. They need to grow revenue while managing risk and compliance.

Revenue Growth

Grow revenue from new and existing customers. Focused data insights help you profile your most valuable customers and find more of the same. Help you pinpoint immediate upsell and cross-sell opportunities. And deliver personalized product and service recommendations for customers.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation drives revenue and cost savings, but it requires skills and resources many banks and credit unions lack. We help our clients get a 360 View of their Customer relationships and portfolios. Our advanced analytics tools support marketing and compliance and keep our clients at the forefront of digital transformation.

Customer Experience

The world is more digital. Many customers prefer a digital channel for their banking. How do you maintain strong customer relationships in the new digital world? Our proven AI models can help reduce attrition. Data insights can help improve customer experience.

Risk and Compliance

Increasing demands from risk and regulatory compliance are a given. Banks and credit unions are challenged with meeting these requirements while also achieving their revenue and profit goals. Our analytics insights help manage risk, identify potential fraud, and streamline regulatory compliance, building a foundation to better support new regulations like CECL.


Finlytica Solutions Brief
Finlytica White Paper


SAS recognizes PKSI with the Excellence in Innovation Award for 2020, for the PKSI Advanced Workforce Analytics (AWA) product.

Advanced Analytics Made Easy

Our predictive analytics solution is platform agnostic and hence can be easily integrated into any existing set up with minimum requirements and can also be accessed via cloud on any device.  You get the insights of our Data Scientists without expensive resource, systems and equipment investments.

Capture Diverse and Valuable Data Sets

Our predictive solution can ingest raw data from any source be it flat files, spreadsheets, database, structured and unstructured data to have a single consistent view, as opposed to segregated records scattered throughout different businesses units. Data sources may include HRIS, Payroll, Application Tracking Systems, and other structured or unstructured data like Emails, Performance Reviews, Logs, Surveys. We also bring in 3rd party data sets like socio-economic, financial or demographic data for richer insights as needed.

Visualize on the Go

View your Dashboards on the Cloud or at your desk.  If you already have a preferred visualization tool, we can work with that too!  We will build the dashboards to suit your needs. All you need to do is use them


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